Baselining & Trending Asset Data for Predictive Maintenance

//Baselining & Trending Asset Data for Predictive Maintenance

Baselining & Trending Asset Data for Predictive Maintenance

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Modern technology is being leveraged in all facets of business, including in maintenance. With accessibility and costs becoming less and less of an issue for organizations, top-level management now wants to collect, track, analyze and act on asset data to implement more proactive maintenance. Proactive maintenance methods often result in reduced downtime, lowered maintenance costs and increased equipment utilization.

This all sounds great at an organizational level, but how do you begin establishing these baselines, tracking trends and understanding the results? During this month’s Best Practices Webinar session, Alex Desselle, Product Application Specialist at Fluke Corporation, will offer the keys to correlating data to their effect on asset performance and management. He will also discuss how these trends can guide the development of an predictive maintenance program. Attendees will be provided with:

-Methods to make statistical data driven decisions
-The foundations of asset trending and alarm thresholds based off baseline standard deviation
-Real-world examples of customers who have been successful baselining and trending asset data

Original session held on July 20, 2017

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