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August 15, 2018

How to combine vibration monitoring with other sensor technologies

Vibration screening with continuous remote, wireless sensors is one of the most effective ways to detect and prevent equipment failure, as well as to avoid costly downtime. It can screen most faults, including imbalance, misalignment, looseness and late-stage bearing wear, providing advanced warning of impeding failure. Vibration screening with remote sensors is a cost-effective, scalable way to extend coverage, particularly for assets in difficult-to-reach or hazardous locations.

Reliability engineers, maintenance managers and maintenance technicians can now use vibration sensors to preserve asset health. Installing a vibration sensor on an asset allows you to spend less time taking manual measurements and more time addressing problems that could lead to downtime or equipment failure.

In this webinar, John Bernet, CMRP, an application specialist at Fluke Corporation, will discuss how you and your team can combine vibration monitoring strategies with other sensor technologies to advance along your own connected reliability journey.

Original session held on August 15, 2018

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