Emory Sullivan photo

Emory has spent the last 6 years bringing innovative solutions to industrial and skilled trades. She co-founded Genba with the vision of a fully enabled frontline workforce using cutting-edge, affordable technology. In 2022, Emory joined RealWear, the leading provider of industrial-grade extended reality hardware, when it purchased Genba.

Prior to co-founding Genba, she served in senior commercial and marketing roles at Fluke Corporation before joining Fortive’s (parent-company of Fluke, Industrial Fortune 500) Innovation Center. There, she mentored high-performance innovation teams from companies such as Fluke, Industrial Scientific, Tektronix, and The Gordian Group.


If “extended reality”, “machine learning”, and “voice-enabled work” sound like the distant future, this one’s for you. eMaint has partnered with two companies re-imagining front line enablement:

  • Genba AI, a smart, plug-and-play, voice-enabled app that integrates directly into your eMaint instance.
  • RealWear, the world’s leading provider of assisted reality solutions for frontline industrial workers.

In our September 15th webinar, Emory Sullivan will:

  • Show you how Genba’s powerfully trained voice-engine and wicked-simple UX is already changing the way frontline technicians work.
  • Provide a peek at soon-to-come features such as “See similar work orders” using AI, speech-to-text translation, and media in work ordes.
  • Discuss how eMaint, RealWear and Genba will soon provide a complete hardware / software ecosystem for maintenance teams.