Connected Reliability Webinars

The Accelix Community’s monthly Best Practices Webinars are a great resource for maintenance and reliability professionals looking to expand their industry knowledge and gain insight into best practices from thought leaders across the globe. The webinars provide you with the opportunity to get their questions answered by industry experts.

Upcoming Webinars

Understanding condition-based maintenance tools that impact the P-F curve

  • Wednesday, September 30, 2020
  • 11 a.m. ET
  • John Bernet, Mechanical Application and Product Specialist, Fluke Reliability
  • Gregory Perry, Senior Consultant, Fluke Reliability
  • Dries Van Loon, PRUFTECHNIK Sales and Project Manager, Online Condition Monitoring, Fluke Reliability

A distinguished panel of Fluke Reliability experts—John Bernet, Gregory Perry, and Dries Van Loon—discuss the merits of Inherent Availability condition-based maintenance strategies, tools, and techniques designed to help find the earliest signs of potential component failure. These techniques include oil analysis, ultrasound, motor circuit testing, vibration, and thermography. Which ones are most critical to you? Which ones are the most complicated? We'll provide extended time for Q&A. Join us!

As a Mechanical Application and Product Specialist with Fluke Reliability, John Bernet works with customers from all industries successfully implement their reliability programs. He has more than 30 years of experience in the maintenance and operation of commercial machinery and as a nuclear power plant electrician in the U.S. Navy. He holds a Category II Vibration Analyst certification and is a Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional (CMRP).

Gregory Perry is Senior Capacity Assurance Consultant with Fluke Reliability. He has been a Certified Reliability leader with nearly two decades of experience in maintenance and operational best practices. Perry is dedicated to positive client relationships while bringing to the table a broad base of experiences in the areas of MRO and storerooms, world-class maintenance principles world-class CMMS consultation and leadership. In addition to delivering implementation and consultative services to clients, Perry also presents maintenance best practice sessions at leading industry conferences and has authored several online best practice webinars.

Dries Van Loon is Sales and Project Manager, Online Condition Monitoring, for Fluke Reliability, with 10 years of experience in predictive maintenance. He joined Prüftechnik (acquired by Fluke in 2019) in Belgium as an Application Engineer in 2012, and moved to the company’s U.S. office in 2014 to set up a condition monitoring department. His department served all of the U.S. on condition monitoring activities such as proactive maintenance, remote (temporary) monitoring, troubleshooting, and torque measurements. He became a certified ISO CAT 4 analyst in 2017.

Actually implementing a change

  • Wednesday, October 14, 2020
  • 11 a.m. ET
  • Tom Moriarty, Leadership expert, author, Plant Services columnist

Lean management, Six Sigma, process reengineering, root cause analysis, and other techniques all provide methods for identifying the changes needed to move a business forward. But the biggest challenge has long been actually implementing the improvements. Implementation comes down to individual leaders influencing their direct reports at each level in the organization. They need to infuse essential changes. In this webinar, leadership expert and author Tom Moriarty provides insight and recommendations on how to successfully implement change in any organization.

Tom Moriarty has been the Plant Services magazine monthly Human Capital columnist for 12 years. He is the author of the book, "The Productive Leadership System; Maximizing Organizational Reliability." Moriarty is an expert in leadership, asset management, maintenance management, and reliability engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer, CMRP, ARP-1 and has earned Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees. A retired Coast Guard officer, he founded Alidade MER, Inc., in 2004.

AIM first: Aligning your organization for a successful CMMS implementation

  • Wednesday, October 28, 2020
  • 11 a.m. ET
  • Scott Rojas, Senior Consultant, Fluke Reliability

This presentation by CMMS deployment expert Scott Rojas of Fluke Reliability outlines the pre-implementation process we call the AIM. The AIM provides a detailed look at a company's alignment on its business strategy and capabilities; project engineering, compliance, scoping, and other CMMS requirements; plus goals, objectives, and expected ROI. AIM seeks to reduce pitfalls that may derail or even cancel CMMS projects. It addresses how to recognize harmful traps and what to do about them. Join Scott Rojas for a high-level look at how to get your organization groomed for a strong, efficient implementation.

Scott Rojas, CRL, is a senior consultant and CMMS/EAM deployment expert for Fluke Reliability. He specializes in CMMS/EAM implementation, operational excellence, business process analysis, and quality management. He has consulted within a variety of industries such as petrochemical, mining, discrete manufacturing, municipal wastewater, distribution, and others.

Fall 2020 Back to school webinar series - Connected Data and eMaint

Date: Title: Presenter: Description:
Tuesday 9/1/2020 1:00pm EDT Leverage SCADA/PLC data in eMaint with Connect2Assets® Michael Mills, Brian Harrison Experts from Fluke Reliability will discuss how connecting operational data from SCADA systems into eMaint CMMS can provide greater insights and improve decision making.
Wednesday 9/9/2020 11:00am EDT Use vibration data from Fluke 3561FC Sensors connected into eMaint to improve reliability Michael Watson 3561 FC vibration sensors from Fluke provide remote monitoring and early warning of problems with your often-ignored assets.  With reduced resources inside the facility remote insights to your asset health can be critical to keeping the plant running Register
Tuesday 9/15/2020 1:00pm EDT Connected thermography images in eMaint boost effectiveness for asset health management Michael Watson Fluke Connected Thermography within eMaint enables asset health management for electrical cabinets, building envelope and mechanical components. Fluke Reliability will detail the key steps in implementing an effective thermography program Register
Tuesday 9/22/2020 1:00pm EDT Fluke ii900FC Acoustic Imager now connected to eMaint CMMS Frederic Baudart/Bob McKenna Do not miss this session demonstrating how the new Fluke technology in the ii900 is used along with eMaint to quickly find and fix leaks in air, steam and CO2 systems resulting in huge energy cost savings. Register
Tuesday 9/29/2020 1:00pm EDT Connected data from Fluke 805FC vibration tool and Fluke 810 vibration tester with improve asset screening inside of eMaint. John Bernet Learn the steps on how to simplify route-based screening of rotating mechanical assets with Fluke’s 805FC vibration meter and the 810FC vibration tester to diagnose and manage vibration problems in eMaint CMMS. Register
Wednesday 10/7/2020 11:00am EDT Improve plant effectiveness with the Fluke 3540 FC Power Monitor and eMaint CMMS Hannelore Arno and John Baker The Fluke 3540 FC Power Monitor monitors the performance of electrical power to your critical assets.  Hear from one of our Fluke Power Monitor customers on using the 3540 to improve plant efficiency with energy studies and troubleshooting VFD drives. Register