Connected Reliability Webinars

The Accelix Community’s monthly Best Practices Webinars are a great resource for maintenance and reliability professionals looking to expand their industry knowledge and gain insight into best practices from thought leaders across the globe. The webinars provide you with the opportunity to get their questions answered by industry experts.

Upcoming Webinars

Impact of Power Quality Events on Motor Driven Systems

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Over their operating lives, motors and other equipment encounter various power quality events, including voltage unbalance, single-phasing, and momentary interruptions. Having familiarity with power quality events and how they impact facility operations is important. Adding equipment monitors and relays may provide long-term solutions to power quality issues.

This webinar will analyze various power quality events to consider including specific examples that may aide in troubleshooting power quality electrical problems. Learning objectives:

  • Understand electric utility basics
  • Identify the most common types of power quality events
  • Examine various power quality solutions
  • Achieve long-term reliable performance from motor driven equipment


Michael Lyda, Electrical Engineer, Advanced Energy

Michael began working at the Advanced Energy motors and drives laboratory in 2010 as a Co-Op student and continued as a full-time engineer after that. With extensive testing experience in the lab, Michael moved into a Laboratory Director role in 2019. He is involved in motor system testing development, research and training on a wide range of applications to meet the needs of Advanced Energy’s customers. Michael is also a member of the Advanced Energy Commercial and Industrial team, participating in energy assessments and recommending energy conservation measures at facilities across the Southeast. Michael received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Predictive Maintenance, the Baby Steps to Big Results

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

During this session we will review impact (safety moment), maintenance strategies, sensors, IOT gateways, monitoring options, baby steps, and the “Why?”.


Gary Stevens CRL, FMP – Director of Engineering and Maintenance at C&W Services

With over 28 years of maintenance, reliability, and construction experience, Gary Stevens has held various roles of increasing responsibility and led maintenance organizations to achieve their goals through the creation and development of key strategies, including condition-based predictive programs, task coordination, reliability-centered maintenance and planning, and scheduling.

Under his leadership, the C&W Services maintenance organization created and developed key strategies, including condition based predictive programs, task coordination, reliability centered maintenance, lean six sigma and foundational planning and scheduling.

Following his service in the United States Marine Corps, he attended North Carolina A&T for Construction Management and North Carolina State for Facilities Engineering Management. He is a member of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals and is an AMP Certified Reliability Leader.

How Artificial Intelligence Facilitates Vibration Diagnosis Accuracy to Improve Predictive Maintenance

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

In today’s industrial landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a game-changer. Join us for an eye-opening webinar where we delve into the transformative power of AI in vibration diagnosis. No longer confined to promises or trends, AI-driven diagnosis is a tangible reality. Discover how it transforms maintenance strategies, improves accuracy, and maximizes uptime.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real-World Impact: Explore how AI-driven vibration analysis directly impacts machinery health, reliability, and overall performance.
  • Data Insights: Uncover the benefits of AI-powered data analysis, revealing hidden patterns and anomalies.
  • AZIMA Platform: Learn about the cutting-edge tools within the AZIMA platform, developed by Fluke Reliability, that process vibration data in a truly unique way.


Luca Barraco, Regional Sales Manager

Luca brings a wealth of expertise as a Vibration Analyst Cat IV. His passion lies in condition monitoring solutions for rotating machines. With hands-on experience as a machinery service engineer—working on turbines, generators, pumps, motors, and engines—Luca understands the intricacies of predictive maintenance. His mission? To extend plant availability while slashing maintenance costs.

Root Cause Analysis

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

What is the most effective method?

Does your company perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) or just failure analysis? What distinguishes these tools and when are they appropriate? Does your company have a written policy or procedure? Are these performed routinely after an incident or notable failure? Listen to one company’s process, challenges and successes in initiating an RCA program.


Lee McClish – Director, Maintenance and Reliability for NTT GDC Americas

Lee is currently the Director, Maintenance and Reliability for NTT GDC Americas, a global telecommunications and data center company. His previous positions were held with BASF, Graphic Packaging and Packaging Corporation of America as a Reliability Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, RCM Manager and Production Manager. He also served in the US Navy as a Submarine Officer. He holds a BSME, MBA, CMRP, CRL, CPMM. He is the author of a recent book “Maintenance Leadership 101” published through Reliability Web and available on Amazon.