How to Make Data-driven Decisions with Connected Reliability

The push to transition to more sophisticated digital tools, such as computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) software and condition monitoring sensors, is inescapable. By integrating condition monitoring data with CMMS software, maintenance and reliability (M&R) professionals receive an overall view of asset health and maintenance activities in real-time—all in one place.

Gather the data

Most CMMS software collects and organizes asset data to store it in one place. Stream data wirelessly from remote monitoring sensors or import existing data from multiple sources directly into CMMS software. Use the CMMS’s extensive software capabilities to organize, prioritize, categorize, and analyze the information. CMMS software enables teams to develop a baseline and use historical and real-time asset condition data to:

  • Detect declining equipment performance trends
  • Find root causes
  • Forecast future asset behaviors
  • Perform corrective actions before assets fail

Remote condition monitoring sensors can wirelessly stream asset performance data to a CMMS. M&R teams can leverage their CMMS software to track asset conditions and optimize maintenance activities. The software can automatically send alarms when a sensor detects a change in asset condition. When properly integrated, a CMMS automatically generates a work order containing the next steps, including the severity of the issue.

Put the data to work

M&R teams can plan and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Catching intermittent equipment issues is straightforward with always-on sensors that capture data and send it to the cloud. Don’t rely on manual measurements with handheld tools during preventive maintenance routes; always have the information you need by streaming and integrating data from always-on sensors.

By integrating condition monitoring data with CMMS software, organizations can substantially improve their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Furthermore, moving maintenance activities from reactive or calendar-based maintenance to a condition-based maintenance program increases efficiency and transitions maintenance to a business value add.

Working with the Best

Fluke and eMaint, two of the most trusted brands in the industry, combine to provide maintenance and reliability teams with a way to seamlessly connect your maintenance world. eMaint flexible CMMS software and Fluke scalable FCCM solutions provide you with the tools to start your connected reliability journey.

Accelix is about connecting data, systems, and teams, and integration of data between platforms is vital to this ideology. Learn more about Fluke Condition Monitoring technologies at or about eMaint CMMS software services at

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