As solar production rises, remote monitoring can improve efficiency

Solar power production is on the rise. Solar jobs are growing 17 times faster than the US economy, and solar installations rose 8 percent in the second quarter as robust utility demand offset a sharp pullback in residential rooftop systems. Companies are looking to minimize energy waste, improve efficiency and identify savings for customers. Commercial repairs cost up to $20,000. Additional costs include energy production loss during the time of repair and possibly your reputation with customers if they experience any disruption.

The Fluke Condition Monitoring System allows an energy analyst to find and solve issues before they become problems by remotely tracking equipment performance. Fluke tools, such as the 3540 FC, take power analysis and logging to a new level by putting the data stream onto data servers and making it accessible in real time.

“First, it lets us know where to best to attack the building to make changes, or see if we can fix something, up front” says Kenn Dodds, Owner of NuEra Energy Designs. Kenn used Fluke’s remote monitoring for preventive maintenance for his off-the-grid solar systems in California. Aside from comprehensive data, Kenn says the true value is the freedom of a remote system. “The convenience of monitoring energy consumption from anywhere is huge. … I can use it if in the car, when I’m on a roof, in the office, at the coffee shop or at home, wherever.” Read the full NuEra Energy Design success story.

With Fluke Condition Monitoring, organizations receive a complete performance picture on any equipment. The continuous, real-time data stream tracks events – including troublesome intermittent faults– and issues alarms triggered by your preset thresholds.

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