A hard look at soft foot: Detecting machine frame distortion before it causes major issues

Soft foot is a common problem that affects rotating machinery and can result in a range of mechanical and quality problems. Think of it as a chair with one leg shorter than the other three. Soft foot is frequently overlooked but the consequences of ignoring its symptoms can be serious and expensive. In this webinar, Ryan Best, Technical Sales Representative at PRUFTECHNIK, Inc., describes how to detect and correct soft foot before it leads to costly machinery troubles.

Ryan Best, Technical Sales Representative, PRUFTECHNIK, Inc.

Ryan Best is Technical Sales Representative at PRUFTECHNIK, Inc., based in Philadelphia. He previously was a Service Engineer for PRUFTECHNIK, where he executed field machinery services, sales of such services, and conducted training for both employees and customers throughout North America and the Caribbean. His industry certifications include Vibration Analyst, Category II (ISO 18436.2).

Original session held on December 11, 2019

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