The IoT of maintenance – what’s important and what’s not

//The IoT of maintenance – what’s important and what’s not

The IoT of maintenance – what’s important and what’s not

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a common term heard and seen in the majority of the maintenance, reliability and asset management conversations today. The IoT promises to deliver many benefits to organizations that take full advantage of it, and many benefits are to be had. Organizations that don’t take advantage of IoT will be left at a significant disadvantage in managing their assets.

However, before an organization dives into the IoT, a few factors must be understood and decided. Without these foundational elements in place, the investment in IoT will not help organizations realize the benefits and may actually be a deterrent to the maintenance and reliability.

The foundations extend past the technological infrastructure required to support IoT and goes to the basics of any good asset management program. This includes having well-defined systems, business processes, and a true understanding of the failure mechanisms and modes.
Unless an organization has the foundations in place, IoT will not yield the benefits and be the silver bullet that many think it is. This webinar will address:

  •  What is the IoT?
  • What are the benefits of the IoT for maintenance teams?
  • What foundations need to be in place to realize these benefits?
  • Common pitfalls and misconceptions about IoT

Original session held on January 17, 2018

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