Fluke Connect™ Condition Monitoring Asset Health Dashboard offers easy snapshot

Leveraging the Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring (FCCM) data that you can trust, the new FCCM Asset Health Dashboard provides you with a concise, single-screen view to quickly understand the condition of your assets.

Armed with a snapshot of facility trends, recent alarms and activities, and each individual vibration sensor and power monitoring sensor’s status, you can assess the current health of each of your assets and determine what needs to be prioritized. The dashboard enables you to take actionable steps immediately, avoiding disruptions and downtime.

Understand alarm severity

Normally, diving into data deeply enough to grasp the severity of each alarm takes time. The asset health dashboard’s color-coded system gives you a quicker reading on the health of your portfolio of assets. With that understanding, you can analyze further, make data-driven decisions, and allocate resources where they are most needed based on hourly, daily, and weekly trends.

Forecast faults and failures

With both historical and real-time data at your fingertips, you can view the health trends of your assets for any given time period. This information allows you to take preventive actions ahead of a potential fault or failure, reducing your facility’s overall downtime and extending asset life.

Prioritize technical labor

Without clear insight into overall portfolio asset health, it can be difficult to know where and how to allocate your manual resources. Using the Asset Health Dashboard, you can see how severe an individual issue is compared to your overall portfolio and prioritize your resources accordingly. The color-coded alarm severity system makes it easy to swiftly convey priorities to your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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