Future-proofing asset dependent firms against talent flight

Talent risks now represent a significant threat to asset dependent firms. In addition to the sheer unavailability of talent, there is the increasingly competitive environment to attract talent. The stark reality is that even where the talent is available, significant onboarding is required to hone troubleshooting and other skills that these firms rely on daily.

Suzane Greeman, Dip-IAM, ASQ-CMQ/OE, CAMA, CAMP, CMRP, President and Principal Asset Management Advisor, Greeman Asset Management Solutions

Suzane is President and Principal Asset Management Advisor of Greeman Asset Management Solutions, a firm headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a senior asset management consultant and instructor in North America with over 23 years of experience, working across several asset management disciplines to implement asset management strategies for manufacturing, utilities, wastewater treatment, airport, and maritime transportation assets. Suzane has had an eclectic career journey that includes HR Business Partner, Asset Manager, and Maintenance Manager.

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Original session held on June 16, 2021

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