How Clean is Your Maintenance Data?

What is data integrity and why does it matter? Do you experience frustration every time a report is run due to bad data? How can it be fixed? And who is in charge of the data? Listen in on some tips for improving your maintenance operation with better data.

Lee McClish, Manager of Maintenance and Reliability, NTT GDC Americas

Lee McClish is currently the Manager of Maintenance and Reliability for NTT GDC Americas, a global telecommunications and data center company. His previous positions were held with BASF, Graphic Packaging and Packaging Corporation of America as a Reliability Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, RCM Manager and Production Manager. He also served in the US Navy as a Submarine Officer. He holds a BSME, MBA, CMRP, CRL, CPMM. He is the author of a recent book, “Maintenance Leadership 101,” published through Reliability Web and available on Amazon.

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Original session held on June 29, 2022

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