How Reliability-Centered Maintenance and Root Cause Analysis work together to solve problems

Plants worldwide turn to reliability tools such as RCM and RCA to reduce maintenance costs and prevent disruptions. They help identify where losses are, develop procedures to mitigate the losses and, ideally, improve equipment reliability and performance. Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) asks what could happen and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) examines what did happen. Though many use these two independently, used together they can produce extremely significant benefits. This session will detail how these two powerful tools combined can eliminate defects and improve the reliability of your manufacturing assets.

Doug Plucknette, Founder and President, Reliability Solutions Inc.

Doug Plucknette is the founder and president of Reliability Solutions Inc. and has been in asset management and maintenance and reliability for 38 years. He founded Reliability Solutions in 1999 and is also the founder of RCM Blitz™ and author of the book Reliability Centered Maintenance using RCM Blitz&trade. He has provided reliability training and consulting services to companies around the world, including Fortune 500 companies Cargill, Whirlpool, Honda, Kraft-Heinz, Schlumberger, Corning, Invista, and Newmont Mining. Doug has published more than 50 articles, written two books, and has been a featured speaker and keynote speaker at numerous conferences.

Mark Galley, Founder, ThinkReliability

Mark Galley founded ThinkReliability, a training and consulting company specializing in root cause analysis and work process reliability. As a Cause Mapping® Root Cause Analysis Investigator and Instructor, Mark has been facilitating incident investigations and teaching workshops on root cause analysis for more than 20 years. His work spans several industries including manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, IT, healthcare, and more. Before starting ThinkReliability, he gained practical experience in root cause analysis and work process reliability at Dow Chemical Co., where he worked for nearly nine years. He obtained his certification as a Reliability Engineer in 1993 through the American Society for Quality and is a regular presenter at national conferences.

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Original session held on February 19, 2020

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