Industrial machine alignment: Tips for getting precise measurements in demanding conditions

Mines, sawmills, and pulp and paper plants represent some of the toughest environments to maintain machine alignment. Matt Joinson, the owner and operator of Jaffray Millwright and Welding, located in Jaffray, British Columbia, knows this well. He’s got many stories to tell as well as advice for alignment professionals across sectors. Joining him in this webinar is Payam Assadi, Fluke Reliability sales manager for Pruftechnik Canada, as they discuss how to get precise measurements in challenging conditions, how to avoid downtime and high maintenance costs, and the best alignment tools for the job.

Matt Joinson, Owner/operator, Jaffray Millwright and Welding

After many years of working for other companies, Matt Joinson decided to take a leap of faith. In May of 2019, he entered the world of self-employment. He provided quality laser alignments utilizing the most up-to-date software and hardware and backed by mechanical support and CWB-certified welding services. In the last year and a half, Matt’s clients are singing his praises. You will be, too, once you hear the passion he has for tackling new challenges in any industry.

Payam Assadi, Sales Manager, Prüftechnik Canada, Fluke Reliability

Payam Assadi is the Prüftechnik Canada Sales Manager for Fluke Reliability. He joined Prüftechnik as a Sales and Service Engineer in 2014, and after two years, became a Service Manager, managing a team and developing new solutions and programs, and promoting the Prüftechnik portfolio. In 2017, he was appointed as Business Development Manager, reporting directly to the CEO of North America. His primary mandate is to grow Prüftechnik’s sales and service footprint by improving channel management and nurturing key client relationship-building efforts. In 2020, he was promoted to Sales Manager and site leader for the Canadian division. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Concordia University, based in Montreal, Canada.

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Original session held on February 17, 2021

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