Maintenance Ergonomics: Finding Hidden Problem Solvers in Your Organization

Every company has workers on the front line who are passionate about ergonomics. Two of Cintas’ most prolific front-line inventors, Woody Rogers and Brian Tollison, will discuss how they balance their time between the Inventor’s Team initiative and their full-time jobs in field maintenance. They will also share how this team works together to solve some of the more difficult ergo issues and what motivates them.

When a company challenges the front line to improve its work environment there will be employees who bubble to the top … consistently. These workers have a spirit of positive discontent, a persistent attitude, and a creative mindset, three key characteristics of an effective inventor. They are always developing their ideas and are excited to do even more. We will be sharing how to identify, train, guide, and challenge those employees.

Empowering the right individuals to solve ergonomic issues streamlines the design or improvement process. Following the information in this presentation can help you develop a self-sufficient and successful continuous improvement program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify – “Natural” inventors on the frontlines of your organization
  • Groom – Organize and train
  • Empower – Leverage the collective power and energy of these individuals

Woody Rogers, Maintenance Supervisor, Cintas
Brian Tollison, Maintenance Technician II, Cintas

Original session held on October 19, 2022

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