Plant Services-Fluke predictive maintenance webinar now on-demand

Plant Services and Fluke hosted a webinar on July 24 discussing predictive maintenance (PdM) and its impact on budgets, productivity, and efficiency. Fluke experts, John Bernet CMRP and Frederic Baudart CMRP, dove into the effects, implementation, and challenges of deploying a predictive maintenance program.

“You can have 25-30% cost reduction by having a good maintenance program,” Baudart said. “It could be as simple as an Asset Criticality List.”

Predictive Maintenance programs allow organizations to move away from schedule-based, preventive maintenance (PM). PMs waste resources, technician time, and inflate budgets. Moving toward a condition-based, PdM program enables teams to prioritize resource use, improve worker scheduling, and keep costs under control.

“There are three pillars to a successful program, and these are the things that our customers found were successful,” Bernet said.

From program start-up through technology selection and data management, Fluke has many of the solutions you’ll need to improve maintenance efforts and reduce waste and costs.

We encourage you to listen to this informative, on-demand webinar. Learn more about preparing, implementing, integrating, and continually improving PdM programs and deploying always-on condition monitoring technologies.

When you head to the page, you’ll actually have to register for the On-Demand video access (link at the very bottom of the page). Plant Services will then send you an email link that takes you to the video.

To register for the on-demand webinar, please head to Plant Services.

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