Preparing your people for transitioning to Industry 4.0

Planning for Industry 4.0? To achieve higher reliability and related goals—such as a better environmental footprint, lower energy costs, sustained or improved product quality, and so on—you need to prepare your people for a smooth and successful transition. In this one-hour webinar, reliability expert Jack Nicholas discusses how to plan for managing assets and people while getting ready to implement next-generation technologies. Why bother with IIoT and related technologies? How to sell your plan to the “C” level. Attend this webinar to hear Jack’s answers to these questions and more.

Jack R. Nicholas, P.E., CMRP, CRL

Jack Nicholas has nearly 50 years of experience leading, teaching, training, and consulting in maintenance and reliability for governments, utilities, and commercial venues internationally. He has served on the organizing, exam development, certification, and accreditation committees and board of directors of the Society for Maintenance Professionals Certifying Organization (SMRPCO). He was its exam director and led the effort to achieve initial accreditation for the CMRP scheme in accordance with the ISO 17024, Personal Certification Standard in 2007. He is the lead author or co-author and editor of 12 books and numerous professional papers, conference presentations, and magazine articles on R&M subjects and is a frequent keynote speaker.

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Original session held on January 8, 2020

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