The reliability of everything™: From its beginning to current challenges

Join world-renowned reliability expert, Dr. Klaus Blache, Director, RMC & Research Professor, University of Tennessee, for a “highlights reel” documenting the history of reliability from past to present. He’ll address current challenges and opportunities as well as delve into the many factors that come into play when trying to implement a reliability strategy.

Klaus Blache, Director, Reliability & Maintainability Center (RMC)

Klaus is currently at the University of Tennessee as the Director of the Reliability & Maintainability Center and Research Professor (College of Engineering). Prior to that, his most recent corporate assignments were Manufacturing Engineering Director (Cadillac), Engineering Launch Manager (new assembly plant), Global Manager of Manufacturing Reliability & Maintenance, and Manager, Corporate Industrial Engineering for General Motors. His experiences include implementing large changes and sustainable continuous improvement around the world, developing a corporate R&M process and global implementation, plant assessments/benchmarking, and numerous related assignments. Klaus is also a past chairman of SMRP (Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals).

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Original session held on December 1, 2021

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