Tune into podcast on technology for the maintenance technician

Fluke Accelix Vice President Kevin Clark appeared on “Reliability Radio” with host Scott MacKenzie at MaximoWorld in August 2018 where they discussed technology that provides data the maintenance technician can use to take action.

In this episode, Clark discusses how Fluke’s focus has been and continues to be on the maintenance technician. He believes it is important to step back and understand what condition monitoring is to achieve predictive maintenance.

MacKenzie points out that timing is everything, and in the past, it’s not been an issue of collecting data, but the issue has been what to do with the data. At Maximo, Clark says they learned that 90 percent of data collected is still dark.

Clark explains that Fluke Accelix is building technology that allows data to be captured in the cloud and made readily available to systems like Maximo. He says Fluke is focusing on doing something with data the moment it’s captured—the data can tell the technician what action to take.

Clark believes the industry has struggled to connect failure codes back to something that is condition based and lining those up so that it is visibly being tracked in the system. The condition monitoring technology is catching up now. He says now that the technology is available to do something with the data, people are going into archives and finding old data and drawing that out and putting that into the analytics.

Listen to the full discussion above or on “Reliability Radio” where you can find more podcasts on reliability information from Reliabilityweb.com and Uptime Magazine.

Tune into this discussion between Fluke Digital Systems President Dave O’Reilly and Scott MacKenzie at Maximo where they discussed the value of data for the industry.

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