Using root cause analysis and failure modes to build a total condition maintenance strategy for motor/drive systems

In this webinar, John Bernet from Fluke Reliability will discuss best practices for applying root cause analysis and expected failure modes to motor-drive systems. You will learn the simple steps of total condition maintenance, how different inspection techniques from electrical to thermal can help identify different failure modes, and how vibration analysis in particular can find the most common mechanical faults on rotating machines. We will wrap up with a discussion on the obstacles teams may face when starting a reliability program and learn from those who have succeeded.

John Bernet, Mechanical Application and Product Specialist, Fluke Reliability

As a Mechanical Application and Product Specialist with Fluke Reliability, John Bernet helps customers from all industries successfully implement their reliability programs. He has more than 30 years of experience in the maintenance and operation of commercial machinery, including working as a nuclear power plant electrician in the U.S. Navy. He holds a Category II Vibration Analyst certification, a Level I Thermography certification and is a Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional (CMRP).

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Original session held on August 18, 2021

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