How to obtain world-class maintenance and reliability

Achieving world-class maintenance and reliability can seem like a daunting task. The infographic below shows the benefits of transitioning your reliability team from reactive, run-to-failure  maintenance to a more proactive, cost-effective and time-saving method — preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is a strategy that all companies can implement to move away from reactive maintenance modes and to start their own reliability journey. It ensures that anything of value to your organization like top-tier assets receives consistent maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns or costly downtime. As the best programs include a combination of maintenance approaches, implementing preventive maintenance is an important step toward the ideal strategy of predictive maintenance.

While many organizations are taking steps to move away from relying on reactive maintenance modes, a majority of organizations still use this method today. Reactive maintenance involves repairing equipment after it has broken down to bring it back to normal operation. It may initially seem less expensive to operate reactively, but planned maintenance can be much less costly.


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