Achieve industrial safety and reliability: FRS on the Industrial Talk podcast

Mike Mills, CRL, Senior Sales Engineer at Fluke Reliability, recently appeared on the Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie. Mills talked about industrial safety and reliability through a focus on continuity, agility, and repeatability.

One of the many impacts of COVID-19 has been staffing—many organizations have not been able to have as many people on site as they used to, or working the same hours as they used to. “How do you know there’s a failure on-site if there’s nobody there?” Mills asked.

Continuity, agility, and repeatability are all possible with connected reliability. Connected reliability, Mills said, is about “making sure your assets are available when you need them.”

This is where Fluke Reliability comes in. Of Fluke Reliability, MacKenzie said, “You need to build in resiliency. Their solutions help you manage risk. Their solutions help you save money. Their solutions help you make money.”

Connected reliability makes it possible to have visibility into your assets—no matter where you are.

Companies that are nimble and adapt as a result of COVID-19 will emerge from this challenge more prepared for the future—both the day-to-day and the unforeseen circumstances, Mackenzie said.

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