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Adopting a digital strategy

Christian Silbernagel of Fluke Reliability is featured on the Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie. In this episode, Christian talks about three key digital topics:

  • – IIoT challenges and solutions
  • – Smart data vs. big data
  • – The power of connected reliability

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Silbernagel was an engineer for years before he drew on his experience and expertise to move to the sales side for PRUFTECHNIK, a Fluke Reliability company, and help clients advance in their reliability journey.

MacKenzie highlights Fluke Reliability’s leadership in IIoT and Silbernagel discusses the specifics of how IIoT applies to reliability and digital strategy—including complexity, data security, and more.

Learn how to plan for implementing IIoT and harnessing all the associated data (including legacy data). And not just the technical considerations of a digital strategy, but cultural considerations and solutions as well. What KPIs do you track to ensure that all parts of an organization are served by a connected reliability program?

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