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How eMaint stands out among EAM solutions

The Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) rates leading vendors in an industry and places them in a quadrant grid based on their direction, maturity, and strengths. Each quadrant represents a different level of achievement. Based on in-depth market research, Gartner creates MQs for a number of industries. eMaint earned the Visionary rating in the most recent MQ for the Enterprise Asset Management industry.

This rating is given only to vendors Gartner considers “coherent, compelling, and innovative.” This recognition reflects eMaint’s mission to help maintenance and reliability teams improve their access to data and insights, and ultimately to optimize their efficiency, effectiveness, and uptime.

eMaint stands out in the EAM industry by offering robust condition monitoring solutions. As the report accompanying the MQ says, “Fluke Accelix provides for integration with a wide ecosystem of IoT and remote monitoring sensors, including Fluke Sensors and Connect tools.”

Fluke’s wireless sensors—and Fluke’s partner Pruftechnik’s wired sensors—remotely capture real-time asset data. Team members can be alerted when assets begin performing outside predetermined parameters. All screening data can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. This asset screening data is more powerful when paired with ongoing inspection results, asset history, and other information contained in a EAM or CMMS.

Condition monitoring makes it easier for teams to move from reactive maintenance to condition-based maintenance. Around-the-clock measurements mean teams have a clear view of asset health and performance, without the need for hands-on testing. Other benefits of condition-based maintenance include decreased maintenance costs, less time and money spent on prematurely changing resources, and improved response times overall.

Knowing the status of their facility’s most critical assets in real time helps maintenance and reliability teams keep them up and running.

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