B3 Electric works more efficiently with power monitor

B3 Electric (B3) primarily serves industrial customers in automotive-based manufacturing. The company conducts electrical troubleshooting for customers where a meter is required. In mid-2017, B3 President John Baker needed a piece of equipment that could capture voltage, current, power factor and frequency issues.

He found that the Fluke 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor met these criteria.

Baker can set under- and over-voltage or current parameters with the 3540 FC Power Monitors. He receives push notifications on his phone when the asset operates outside the predetermined parameters.

Baker loves the reports available in the Fluke Connect App and the easy-to-use alarms. He hooks up the power monitor and can watch the readings on his phone with Fluke Connect.

Baker and his employees work more efficiently now. With other data collectors, you might have to leave the meter onsite for a few days and then go back to pull the data. The remote monitoring has also increased their worker safety.

The 3540 FC has helped B3 find power savings for its customers. In addition, Baker now offers revenue-generating diagnostic services that he could not offer before.

Read the full case study here to learn more about how the 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor has helped B3 Electric to improve performance, reduce troubleshooting time, strengthen safety, create new revenues and enhance image and reputation.

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