Tune into podcast on the value of data

Dave O’Reilly, president of Fluke Digital Systems, joined “Reliability Radio” host Scott MacKenzie at MaximoWorld in August 2018 where they discussed how important data will continue to be for industry professionals and the history and future of Fluke.

In this episode, MacKenzie and O’Reilly first explore the evolution of Fluke Connect.

O’Reilly explains that Fluke Founder John Fluke’s raison d’être was to always give customers a little more. He says the Fluke tools have kept people safe for more than 70 years, but as a business, it became obvious that retrieving data from the tools was a manual process, which led to Fluke Connect. With this, the tools could then wirelessly transmit data, and the next step involved putting sensors in place that provide readings and give alerts to any potential problems.

Most of the sensors will let you know there is an issue, and the tools provide that higher functionality that enables you to go out and tell exactly what the problem is.

O’Reilly believes the field of maintenance will be here forever. The nature of it is just changing a lot over a period of time—he thinks it will be more about analyzing those trends and the data and then deciding what to do next.

Listen to the full discussion above or visit “Reliability Radio” where you can find more podcasts on the latest reliability information from Reliabilityweb.com and Uptime Magazine.


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