Fluke Accelix VP discusses IIoT and connected reliability

Dez Blanchfield, noted data scientist, Internet of Things (IoT) entrepreneur and podcaster based out of Sydney, Australia, has teamed up with Fluke Accelix to help describe what its new Connected Reliability framework has to offer through his “Conversations with Dez” podcast series.

About the collaboration

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of hype associated with the IoT. In his role as an IoT influencer, Blanchfield monitors IoT trends, assesses their relative value to end users and advocates for the best of the best. He’s a good match for the measurement-centric minds of Fluke Corporation.

For Fluke, it’s incredibly exciting to be at the forefront of Connected Reliability. We can now wirelessly stream asset health data directly into the EAM. And it’s good data. Insightful asset health, key indicator data. This is data that puts all the pieces of the puzzle in one place with software that helps surface the most important parts and enables quicker decision-making and problem-solving to help maintenance and reliability teams get ahead of the curve.

But when you first see them, phrases like “Connected Reliability framework” can be a little harder to conceptualize than a thermal imager or a power monitor. That’s where webinars and podcasts come in. It’s a chance for end users to listen in on the thinking and excitement around what Fluke Accelix is doing, through the eyes and ears of someone like Blanchfield.

Episode 1: ‘Maintenance and Reliability at a Crossroads’

The first installment is a conversation between Blanchfield and Kevin Clark, vice president of Accelix. They discuss how maintenance and reliability organizations have come to the crossroads they are at today and what next steps we see them taking with Connected Reliability.

Listen to Episode 1 above or directly on SoundCloud.

Next up in the ‘Conversations with Dez’ series

  • “Practical Applications for Connected Reliabilty” Interview with Greg Perry, Fluke Accelix consulting engineer
  • “Three Must-Haves for Connected Reliability” Interview with Dave O’Reilly, Fluke Digital Systems division president

Check out more of Blanchfield’s interviews with industry experts on his SoundCloud channel.

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