Connected Reliability in the Automotive Industry

Connected Reliability is a Framework that combines hardware and software systems from across the enterprise into one cloud-based maintenance ecosystem. Maintenance management is automatically integrated with data acquisition and analysis, giving industrial leaders unprecedented real-time visibility and empowering maintenance managers to make data-driven decisions that avoid downtime.

Sensors can automatically measure condition and process-related data. Teams can use handheld smart tools to conduct routes. That information flows readily to the cloud, where algorithms and advanced analysis software predict machine failures and trigger automated work orders, so maintenance managers catch problems sooner. This combination empowers maintenance teams with real-time communication between machinery, data systems, and people.

The automotive industry is full of complexity. Many companies manage multiple sites, production lines, and testing processes. The use of specialized parts requires optimizing inventory management and supply chain issues as well as managing vendor relationships. Worker safety is paramount, the quality of the end product is critical for consumer safety. Understandably, then, the automotive industry has more and stricter regulatory and compliance standards to meet than most other industries.

The Framework of Connected Reliability can help industrial leaders in the Automotive industry to make enterprise-level maintenance decisions that prevent machine failures, reduce costs, improve worker safety, etc.

Christian Silbernagel – Strategic & Enterprise Account Manager, Fluke Reliability

Christian holds a degree in Applied Physics from the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, Germany. He has 10 years of experience in the field predictive maintenance and reliability. In 2018, Christian proudly earned ISO CAT 3 vibration certification.

Gavin Robinson – Sales Manager, Fluke Reliability

Gavin has been working in the area of reliability for over 7 years. He helps customers streamline their maintenance processes and increase the uptime of their critical assets.

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Original session held on July 26, 2023

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