Don’t miss new podcast on detecting common motor faults with vibrational analysis

John Bernet, a Fluke Accelix expert and mechanical application specialist for Fluke Corporation, recently made an appearance on the “Rooted in Reliability” podcast with James Kovacevic, principal instructor at Eruditio LLC and founder of High Performance Reliability, to discuss the most common types of motor faults and how to detect them before costly failure occurs.

In this episode, Bernet and Kovacevic explore how vibrational analysis with remote wireless sensors can help identify misalignment and imbalance before something as critical as bearing failure occurs in a cloud-based environment.

“You need to look at the data before making any decisions and find solutions in a proactive manner rather than overlooking the problems when they are just building up. This causes malfunctions and motor failures in the end and you should face them head-on to get the results that you want.” — James Kovacevic

Listen to the discussion above or on “Rooted in Reliability” where you can find more podcasts on maintenance and reliability best practices.

Also watch our webinar where Bernet discusses how to combine vibration monitoring with other sensor technologies to learn more.

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