Top trade magazines featured Fluke Accelix condition monitoring infographics

Two Fluke Accelix infographics that focus on condition monitoring were featured on the websites of Pumps & Systems and Plant Services, two leading industry publications.

The infographic, “9 ways maintenance managers can become rock stars,” which appeared on Plant Services, conveys how maintenance managers can use predictive maintenance strategies and a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to be seen as rock stars among their team and upper management.

Predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring help maintenance managers make more strategic and efficient decisions, and an established CMMS provides necessary reporting for maintenance managers to report to management. It ultimately offers less stress and a less reactive daily environment.

In addition, a predictive maintenance approach includes sensors, which help monitor the asset continually and help technicians avoid hazardous environments.

The infographic, “Remote Monitoring with Thermal Imaging Technology,” which was featured on the Pumps & Systems’ website, further explains how wireless, semi-fixed thermal imaging sensors allow technicians to focus on other important tasks. Some of the benefits of these sensors include monitoring difficult to reach places, tracking multiple assets and making data more accurate.

More infographics can be found here.

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