Fluke Reliability and Industrial Talk Podcast discuss starting a reliability program

Fluke Reliability expert John Bernet appeared on the Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie. Bernet, an application specialist and Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional with decades of experience, provided insights into the long-term financial benefits that an optimized reliability program can have on an organization’s bottom line. By saving money and increasing efficiency, you will better position your organization to weather crises.

Especially in light of the changes happening as a result of COVID-19, companies should consider how they focus on improving the life cycle of their assets. Does your company’s existing maintenance strategy do enough to address asset reliability? You don’t have to overhaul your strategy overnight, MacKenzie points out. Incrementalism and low-hanging fruit can be enough to get your maintenance team some early wins to build on as you progress in your journey to becoming a reliability-centered organization.

In this podcast, Bernet dives into three crucial topics for maintenance and reliability professionals to consider:

  • – How to start and develop a reliability program when your team is already busy
  • – How to address the widening skills gap
  • – Why teams replace the same bearings and seals over and over

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