How we keep customer visits safe during and after COVID-19

Safe customer visits

While COVID-19 has turned the industrial world upside down in a lot of ways, the need for skilled workers to perform on-site services at customer locations has not disappeared.

From equipment installation to supply delivery to inspections and troubleshooting, some services just cannot be provided online or over the phone. With the reduction in plant workers and the subsequent increase in reactive maintenance because of the pandemic, some companies may even be needing on-site visits more than ever.

At Fluke Reliability, adherence to safety and quality customer service are at the core of what we do. Professionals from eMaint, Fluke Connect, and PRUFTECHNIK continue to deliver on-site services in addition to robust offerings online or by phone.

Our team members have the training and experience to navigate the complexities and potential hazards of an active plant floor. From understanding lockout/tagout procedures to knowing what PPE to wear and how to dispose of it all safely, they are equipped to conduct on-site visits that are safe, focused, and efficient.

Fluke Reliability team members are attuned to the concerns resulting from COVID-19 and are knowledgeable about guidelines from regulatory bodies such as OSHA, the Centers for Disease Control, and others.

Because of the pandemic, there are some measures in place related to our on-site visits that customers should know. For example:

  • Visits are contingent on the health of the Fluke Reliability team member and the client.
  • Social distancing of six feet or more is required. This means there will be no physical contact, such as handshakes, during greetings.
  • Additional PPE, such as face shields and cloth masks, will be worn whether on the plant floor or off.
  • Interactions between Fluke Reliability team members and clients may be minimized. Meetings may be kept small or visits scheduled to occur during off-peak hours.
  • Shared tools or surfaces will be discouraged, and any necessary shared tools or surfaces will be cleaned frequently.
  • Additional steps may be required based on recommendations specific to a client’s location or organization.

We at Fluke Reliability look forward to continuing to serve you during the pandemic, the recovery, and beyond.

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