Listen to podcast that emphasizes asset criticality

Fluke Digital Systems President Dave O’Reilly joined “Reliability Radio” host Scott Mackenzie at IMC-2018 where they touched on the subject of asset criticality.

Asset Criticality involves an organization determining what equipment components are critical and why. This includes rating each asset to determine how critical each piece of equipment is.

O’Reilly believes criticality is key. He says focusing on things that will cost money, for instance, then mapping that data, getting value from that and expanding from there is a good strategy.

O’Reilly says he often hears people wanting to do IoT and leverage technology, but they don’t know where to start. He believes the easy answer is not to go big—if you start small, you can prove value upfront. He says starting small makes it easier to sell internally and easier to get executive sponsorship and money.

O’Reilly explains that there is still a lot of selling the approach c-level down. He says convincing c-level is important, but he adds that while management can make decisions, unless the people who do this daily believe, it won’t succeed.

He explains that there is a trend toward democratization by IoT—the barriers to entry are lower—it’s easier to pick up a sensor now for a reasonable price and try it. Maintenance technicians also understand more of the value.

Listen to the full discussion above or visit “Reliability Radio” where you can find more podcasts on the latest reliability information from and Uptime Magazine.

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