Maintenance data integration: an in-depth discussion

Fluke Accelix Vice President Kevin Clark was recently interviewed by Fred Schenkelberg, a reliability expert at FMS Reliability and host of the podcast series “Speaking of Reliability,” where the two discussed how maintenance data integration can improve an organization’s reliability efforts. Together, they explore the ability to attach a small, portable device to an industrial motor that provides real-time, continuous temperature and vibration data, enabling M&R professionals to conduct predictive maintenance and reduce unscheduled downtime.

Some other topics included in the podcast include:

  • The benefits of gathering real-time data over extended periods of time
  • The integration of vibration and temperature data in the maintenance program and a CMMS
  • The flexibility of a device that is not handheld or fixed, but portable, and able to monitor a wide range of assets.

Listen to the interview above or on Schenkelberg’s website, where you can also find more podcasts on reliability engineering.

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