Tune into new podcast on benefits of wireless vibration sensors

John Bernet, a Fluke Accelix expert and mechanical application specialist for Fluke Corporation, recently joined  Rob Kalwarowsky of “Rob’s Reliability Project” podcast to discuss the benefits of M&R teams moving away from traditional route-based maintenance and instead embracing tools like remote vibration sensors that can make their work lives easier and empower them to focus on other important tasks.

Together, Bernet and Kalwarowsky also explore why we as an industry need to begin or maintain condition monitoring programs, like those that include vibration screening, with an understanding of our assets and equipment before rolling out new technologies, as well as why full vibration analysis isn’t always necessary.

Listen to the discussion above or “Rob’s Reliability Project” where you can find more podcasts on maintenance and reliability best practices.

Also check out our webinar with Bernet on how to combine vibration monitoring with other sensor technologies to learn more.

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