Sustainability in Maintenance and Reliability: The Role of Technology in Supporting Sustainable Practices

Let’s face it, the dotted line to your organization’s sustainability goals is quickly solidifying. With global shifts towards emissions tracking, identifying waste streams, and utility usage, organizations are under heavy scrutiny to account for risks and define their approach toward sustainability and ESG. All while facing the challenge of producing products or services within a reasonable cost and profit margin, safely and with consistent quality, which is no small task.

In this session, we will discuss the importance of sustainability in ensuring long-term operational efficiency and how technologies can extend asset lifespan through proactive maintenance strategies, reduce environmental impact, enhance equipment reliability, and solidify your place in your corporate initiatives.

Michael Mills – Technical Sales Manager, Fluke Reliability

  • 39 years in EAM leveraging best-of-breed solutions and best practices
  • Deployment of CMMS, Mobile and IIoT solutions across industries including Packaging, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Public Sector & Utilities
  • Focus on high value deliverables leveraging Reliability Centered Maintenance in support of CBM and ICM

Download the presentation deck

Original session held on September 6, 2023

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