Accelix maintenance solutions featured in leading industry publications

Recently, two of Fluke Corporation’s product application specialists were featured in leading industry publications where they discussed smart infrastructure, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and sensor technology.

Frederic Baudart, CMRP, lead product specialist for Fluke Corporation, authored an article for Plant Services magazine entitled, “4 guideposts on your journey toward a smarter infrastructure,” which discussed key steps maintenance teams should take on their journey toward smart infrastructure.

“A traditionally defined smart infrastructure will get you nowhere unless your facility and maintenance teams are ready for it,” Baudart wrote. “Sometimes, smart may mean developing the infrastructure over time versus taking an all-or-nothing approach. In some situations, smart may mean run-to-failure for some inexpensive and easy-to-replace assets. For a plant or facility to really be smart, it should put an infrastructure in place that meets its immediate needs with the flexibility to expand as the needs and abilities of the maintenance team mature and change.”

As Baudart explained in this article, some facilities may be far enough along in their reliability journey that they can add full, long-term condition monitoring and data storage for many of their assets. However, for the ones that aren’t quite there yet, it’s important to consider time frames and hardware requirements, what the end goal is and if data integration is needed to begin the journey to establishing a smart infrastructure. To learn more about this journey, read the full article on Plant Services’ website.

Alex Deselle, a product application specialist for Fluke Digital Systems and Accelix with more than 30 years of experience, also wrote an article that was recently published in Control Engineering magazine on how the IIoT impacts tool and sensor functionality. As Deselle discussed in the article, this ongoing industrial revolution primarily impacted operations personnel until recently. However, as cloud-based technologies become more cost-effective, maintenance teams are using them to work smarter and implement predictive strategies.

“The days of taking measurements with a handheld meter, recording the data on a clipboard, and, at the end of the day, entering the results into a database are almost over. […] For the foreseeable future, maintenance teams will need [accurate, durable handheld devices] to perform route-based testing and root-cause analysis on assets. However, with IIoT advances, these virtually indispensable tools, as well as other emergent technologies, will be used in smarter ways.”

If facilities can predict a potential problem, but don’t have the capacity or organization to schedule the necessary maintenance, problem prediction isn’t a useful tactic. A computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) system with integrated asset health data helps facilities plan maintenance tasks wherever they are in the maintenance journey. To learn more, read the complete article on Control Engineering’s website.

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