Meet our team at IMVAC Europe 2018!

The International Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring Conference (IMVAC), hosted by Mobius Institute June 4-7 at the Crowne Plaza Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium, is designed specifically for vibration analysts and condition monitoring professionals. From workshops, learning sessions and case studies to the latest technologies featured in the expo, the conference provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial vibration analysis, the complementary condition monitoring technologies, and the reliability improvement fields of precision alignment, balancing, and lubrication.

Two Fluke product application specialists, Frederic Baudart and John Bernet, will lead a three-hour workshop on Day 1 of the conference entitled, “Wireless monitoring for your CBM strategy: How vibration, thermal and electrical online monitoring provide a complete solution.” Vibration screening is one of the most effective ways to detect and prevent equipment failure or downtime, as well as to identify early failure modes. Performing vibration analysis can be complex. Vibration analyzers typically require advanced training, third-party experts or are too expensive to use on most equipment, leaving significant gaps in maintenance programs. However, simplified vibration screening in combination with other types of portable, wireless condition monitoring technologies can speed up a facility’s journey to reliability. Read this article in Processing magazine by Baudart and Bernet on how to combine vibration screening with other techniques to strengthen predictive maintenance strategies.

This workshop will discuss combining the multiple technologies, asset types and tool selection, which include the following:

  • Technologies: Mechanical, electrical and thermal
  • Asset types: Pumps, compressors, motors, turbines, fans, electrical panels, process equipment and HVAC systems
  • Tool Selection: Portable, wireless and software integration

This presentation will discuss how combined technologies will give you a complete solution for your preventive maintenance and reliability program. For more information on the event and the register, visit IMVAC’s website.

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