Best Practice Webinars on condition monitoring

Condition monitoring (CM) is the process of monitoring asset data to discover conditional operation changes that could indicate a developing fault.

Two Fluke experts, John Bernet and Frederic Baudart, explain in this webinar how teams begin the CM process, important first steps and the benefits. This webinar also considers how to select technology to start a CM program.

Bernet, CMRP, who is a Fluke application specialist, discusses in another webinar new challenges that teams face today while trying to be more proactive in maintenance, and he mentions that one common problem is that maintenance teams are doing more with less, all while the cost of downtime is increasing. He touches on how to handle this problem and discusses what solutions some maintenance teams have found to be successful to overcome the challenges.

He then elaborates on how vibration, thermal and electrical wireless monitoring provide a complete condition-based maintenance solution.

In another webinar, Bernet focuses on how semi-fixed vibrations sensors can wirelessly and remotely capture simple vibration screen data on imbalance and misalignment, which allows maintenance teams to better monitor asset health.

The webinar also explains the importance of identifying imbalance and misalignment.

More webinars can be accessed here. These monthly webinars provide helpful information for maintenance and reliability professionals and an opportunity to get questions answered by industry experts.


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