Maximize the value of your MRO data

The world is driven by data. MRO data (also known as indirect material data or material master data) is no exception. Asset intensive organizations continuously strive to be more efficient while being cost effective. MRO data remains one of the most untapped sources of savings for procurement, maintenance, and inventory departments within the manufacturing environment. Organizations find it challenging to leverage the potential MRO data savings because, for the most part, their data quality is poor. In order to initiate savings from your MRO data it must be consistent, accurate, and free of unnecessary duplication.

Maximizing the value of your MRO data begins with the conversion of your legacy data to best in-class. The transformation of legacy data to quality data begins with a cleansing process. Data cleansing is performed to create an item master that is inclusive of defined categories, attribute enhancement, item level codification, and all the while absent of unnecessary duplication. Once your data is clean the journey doesn’t end. It is imperative that a quality data governance program be implemented to ensure you maintain the integrity of your MRO data.

In this presentation, Troy Miller, VP and Chief Operating Officer at I.M.A. Ltd., will explore the process of the data excellence journey. Vital consideration for topics such as the data schema, formatting, standards, and governance will be discussed to ensure that the attendee will be better educated to make informed MRO data decisions.

Troy Miller, VP and Chief Operating officer, I.M.A Ltd.

Troy is an experienced Chief Operations Officer currently at I.M.A. Ltd., with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Operations Management, Sales, Enterprise Software, and Strategic Planning. Data professional with a Master in Data Quality Management (ECCMA) focused on ISO8000:2009.

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Original session held on November 3, 2021

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