Why we can’t proceduralize everything

Unwanted errors & surprises are serious threats to reliability in any high-hazard industry. To address them, many leaders apply a mechanistic approach. They install controls, write procedures, and enforce compliance. But these mechanistic strategies often backfire in adaptive, human-based systems.

  1. Learn the difference between Mechanistic and Adaptive Systems
  2. See why we can’t “proceduralize everything” in Adaptive Systems
  3. Get three practical, real-world strategies for increasing reliability and safety in adaptive, human-based systems.

Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D., Director, JMA, LLC

Before launching his own company, Dr. Mazulewicz served as the HPI Lead of a 3,500+ person business unit of Dominion Virginia power – a Fortune 500 utility. There, he partnered with technical experts in Distribution, Transmission, Substation, Switching, System Protection, & Generation. He researched, taught, and advised leaders in these groups how to combat human errors by applying classic HPI defenses including: Situational Awareness, Checklists, and 3-Way Communication. He also taught advanced organizational strategies including: Crew Resource Management, Just Culture, and traits of High-Reliability Organizations.

Dr. Mazulewicz holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Virginia and has served on reliability-driven teams as a firefighter, an EMT, a wilderness search & rescue field team leader, and a military paratrooper.

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Original session held on October 6, 2021

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